Our services to you are designed to be as effective as possible.

We focus on fundamental topics, but do not shy away from complexity. Together we will define the goals and approach for our collaboration.

We promise to engage you with passion, honesty, and vision.


Executive Consulting

Personal consulting for entrepreneurs and decision-makers

Every change in an organization must be carried and directed by it's leadership. Calvin Lester Bartel personally consults and supports entrepreneurs and decion-makers in the development of strategies for the sustainable success of their enterprise.

Every consulting session ends with specific measures, decisions, or project scopes. Bartel Consulting can support you in the implementation of these measures. If requred, we have access to an excellent network of partners who specialize in IT, Sales, HR-Management, or Marketing.  

Decision Making

Managing complexity and taking decisions are at the core of tasks of every leader. We support you in this critical area. Our approach can be inductive or deductive, strategic or tactical. We see ourselves as your sparring partner. Our role is to help you identify and prioritise the critical levers that generate the most relevant impact.

Expectation Management

Effective and efficient steering of your direct reports or teams is critical for the expedient and targeted achievement of both personal and organizational goals. Clear, sustainable, rational and emotional formulation of expectations to your employees is decisive to achive this. A variety of analogue methods or digial solutions help ensure transparency in the distribution of tasks.

Effective organization, efficient processes

An effectively designed organizational structure contributes significantly to the achievement of its goals. An organization's design is dependent on the requirements of the business model, the provided services or products, as well as its customers' needs. The organization can be designed functionally, by product, by process ownership or in a matrix. Concurrently, it is vital to define required management- and communications strategies to support the organization.

The design of efficient and productive work processes strengthens the speed and quality of delivery of a service or product to the customer.

Our broad experience and specific expertise in process management and strategy consulting enables us to be a competent and reliable partner to you in these matters.

Transformation workshops

Overarching team and department workshops on strategy, organization and processes

Sustainable change must be carried by the management and employees of an organization. Our workshops are an ideal forum to empower members of an organization to actively develop solutions. Through this form of contribution, they become owners of the solutions, thus significantly increasing their engagement.

Depending on the content and goals of the workshop, the time required may range from one to three days. Bartel Consulting has extensive expertise in the facilitation of workshops up to C-level.

We ensure the workshop is goal oriented and productive through thorough preparation and situational analysis and reaction during the workshop. Each workshop ends with the development of a clear roadmap, next steps, and responsibilities. Bartel Consulting can support you in the implementation of these solutions, for example in program management, executive consulting, or training.

Leadership Training and Coaching

Strengthening individual leadership and management competencies

Managing change requires creative ideas as much as implantation capacity. Leaders and project managers play a central role, as they must have a broad set of competencies. These range from the capacity to recognize improvement potential to the effective and efficient implementation of required solutions.

Bartel Consulting offers be-spoke programs for the development of your leadership team. From individual coaching sessions to large-group trainings, together with our network partners we can deliver solutions in the following fields:

  • Management basics

  • Advanced leadership and communication

  • Process management (Lean / Six Sigma, BPM, Kaizen)

  • Project management

  • Workshop facilitation